How can I find out about upcoming training sessions, meetings, and other important dates?

  • You can check the “UPCOMING EVENTS” tab on our website to see details about all of our important upcoming dates and events. You can also join our Facebook group, MSU VITA 2015-2016, to stay updated. If you're still unsure of something, you may email us at


How can I join VITA?


Can I still volunteer if I don’t know much about tax return preparation?

  • Absolutely! We don’t expect any of our volunteers to have prior knowledge of tax return preparation, which is why we provide the necessary training.


What are my options for completing the training requirements?

  • There are two options for completing the training requirement. Option one is to complete three of four separate training sessions during the Fall semester. Option two is to attend a single 3-4 hour long training session that will be held in January.


What sort of requirements do I need to complete before volunteering?

  • There is a training requirement as mentioned above. Additionally, there is a certification exam written by the IRS that all volunteers must pass in order to volunteer with VITA. See the different volunteer positions listed below to determine which certification exam will be required for you.


What are the different volunteer positions within VITA?

  • There are four unique positions that VITA volunteers may choose from:

    • Community Resource Volunteer: Community Resource Volunteer will be the ones to greet all of the clients and to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. They will brief the clients on the tax preparation process and will make sure the clients have the materials needed (Photo ID, Social Security Card, Documentation, etc.). Community Resource Volunteer are NOT required to complete an IRS certification exam however must pass the Volunteer Standard of Conduct exam.

    • Tax Preparer: Tax preparers are required to complete the Basic OR Advanced Certification exam in order to service our clients. Basic tax preparers will be working directly with clients and will use online tax software to complete tax returns. This is the role that most volunteers choose (especially if this will be your first time volunteering with VITA).

    • Quality Reviewer: These volunteers will be the ones reviewing tax returns completed by the tax preparers and ensuring that the returns are free from error. Quality reviewers are required to complete the Advanced Certification exam and should have one year of past experience with VITAto be considered for the position. However, if a tax preparer produces highly accurate returns and shows a strong commitment to volunteering, they may be promoted to the Quality Reviewer role.

    • Site Coordinator: Site coordinators have a large leadership position in VITA. Site Coordinators oversee all activity at the volunteer site and will assist volunteers and clients by addressing any questions, comments, or concerns they may have. They are required to complete the Advanced Certification exam before becoming a site coordinator and should have at least one year of past experience with VITA. Additionally, Site Coordinators will be required to complete a training session with the Asset Independence Coalition. If there is enough demand for Site Coordinator positions, there will be an interview process for selecting volunteers.


Does volunteering for VITA count as community service?

  • Yes, our mission is to serve the community.


Is there an opportunity to complete an Honors Option through VITA?

  • Yes, ACC 331 is offering an honors option. Contact an Executive Board member and discuss with your professor. This can count for either the Fall or Spring semester. The requirements are being finalized, but you would have to paritcipate in VITA as at least a Tax Preparer for the credit.




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