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How can I find out about upcoming training sessions, meetings, and other important dates?

  • You may sign up for our email list to receive the most up-to-date information regarding events, trainings, meetings, and more through the QR Code on the home page.

  • Also, you can check the Upcoming Events tab on our website to see details about all of our important upcoming dates and events. 


How can I join VITA?

  • Sign up for our email list above to get more information on becoming a volunteer for VITA.

  • Participate in an information session and connect with other volunteers and our E-board!

  • Email us at !


Can I still volunteer if I don’t know anything about tax return preparation?

  • Absolutely! We don’t expect any of our volunteers to have prior tax knowledge. We provide comprehensive training resulting in an IRS Certification.


What is required for training?

  • Starting in December of 2023, Capital Area United Way (CAUW) will be posting training materials on a platform called BetterImpact. The link/qr code to sign up for BetterImpact is in our "Volunteer Resources" tab. Training is self-paced, and content will be released about every 2 weeks. Training with last until January and will include 20-25 hours of total content. This content varies depending on the volunteer role you choose. This includes practice scenarios for preparing returns, knowledge of resources available in the community, and the overall VITA process.

  • After training is completed, volunteers will take an IRS Certification Exam and a Michigan Certification Exam.

  • Subscribe to our email list, linked in the first question, to get more information on training dates and specifics.


What are the different volunteer positions within VITA?

  • There are four unique positions that VITA volunteers may choose from:

    • Tax Preparer: Volunteer tax preparers prepare tax returns through online software using the information and documentation provided by clients to prepare an accurate tax return that maximizes their refund. Traditionally, they would work face-to-face with a client, however with the disruptions brought on by the pandemic, most now volunteer remotely accessing digital scans of documents.

    • Intake Specialist: Intake specialists assist clients by scanning and uploading the necessary tax documents and information necessary to prepare their return remotely. They typically volunteer in-person with some virtual opportunities available. This allows us to serve a greater number of clients, particularly with the changes brought about by the pandemic. 

    • Quality Reviewer: Quality reviewers are volunteers with at least one year of experience who ensure that returns are prepared accurately by tax preparers before they are filed. Every return prepared at our sites, virtually or otherwise, goes through a review. They also train fellow volunteers by identifying mistakes and demonstrating proper procedure.

How many hours per week should I expect to volunteer?

  • You should expect to volunteer around 3-4 hours per week. This is usually completed by volunteering 1 time per week or can be completed by volunteering 2 times per week. 

Where do I volunteer?

  • You have 3 options for volunteering. You can volunteer all on-site, half virtual & half on-site, or totally virtual depending on what position you choose!  

What if I make an error while preparing a tax return?

  • All returns are reviewed by multiple other experienced volunteers, so the chance of making an error is very low. You can always ask another volunteer or staff member if you ever feel confused while preparing a return!


Does volunteering for VITA count as community service?

  • Yes, our mission is to serve the residents in our community by filing their yearly tax returns.


Is there an opportunity to complete an Honors Option through VITA?

  • Yes, ACC 331 & HDFS 238 offer an honors option. Contact an Executive Board member and discuss with your professor. This can count for either the Fall or Spring semester. The requirements are being finalized, but you would have to participate in VITA as at least a Tax Preparer for the credit.




Please email us at with any questions you may have!

Volunteer Overview


Volunteering FAQs

Being a volunteer with VITA allows you to develop professional soft skills through client interaction, and it exposes you to skillful tax knowledge. You are able to connect with other volunteers and staff members at VITA that deeply care for our community. 

Our volunteers usually volunteer one time per week for a couple of hours. This can either be done on-site, or it can be completed virtually. Our volunteers are throughly trained and tested through IRS and Michigan exams. 

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